Saturday, January 24, 2009

TLA Designs - Handmade Jewelry by Trina Allen

My name is Trina Allen and I own TLA Designs which is my business that I have had since 1989. I design and create both Sterling Silver and Ceramic jewelry, both jewelry lines are different and unique.

I am a certified bench jeweler although I prefer to create and sell my pieces rather than repair jewelry. I am on a great website, where I sell some of my which takes you right to my listing page. Feel free to look around!

My Sterling Silver line consists of mostly hammered sheet pieces and pieces made with sterling wire, some with semi-precious stones or beads and some without. I make quite a range of designs, from conservative to funky!

My Ceramic line is made up of very unique, one-of-a-kind pieces which have an endless array of colors and designs. My piece's designs range from holidays like - Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Pat's Day and Easter. I also have pieces that have Ice Cream Cones, Hearts, Flowers, Cartoon (ish) Animals and Vegetables and Fruits on them. The stains (colors) are fired right in the clay, so there is no chance of rubbing off or fading.

I am always designing new pieces and list them as they are completed.

I invite you to come see what I love to do and is the biggest part of my life!!!!

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